Railing Restoration

Tired of the dull and rusty appearance of your old railings and/or ornamental porch columns? You may not even notice them any more because the sun and weather have taken their toll over the past 30, 40, or 50+ YEARS! The good news is we can correct those years of wear & tear and make them look NEW again - and you will be AMAZED at the difference it will make in the overall appearance of your property!

Here's what we do:

  • We also specialize in the restoration of steel, wrought iron & aluminum surfaces found on old lamps, railings, gates, columns, mailboxes & more.
  • We use a number of different tools and methods to sand, grind, strip and remove paint and rust.
  • We also fix, weld and secure any broken or loose brackets, supports and posts.
  • Finally, we apply a rust-resistant coating that will look GREAT for years to come - with numerous colors and textures to choose from!
Rusty Old Railing Refinished Railing Finished, Closeup