At Gaslight Solutions, we are passionate about gaslights and believe that they are the finest residential fixtures in the world. Not only are they charming and beautiful, but they were made to stand the test of time because they were designed to burn combustible gas. Many of these lights were turned off during the first energy crunch in the 70’s and are no longer functioning.

Most gas lights are at least 40 to 70 years old and manufactured in the USA. While they may look a little rough from years of weathering, they were made of cast aluminum or American steel so they can be restored to like new. We can show you the treasure you have. Our installation includes a low-voltage system that looks like the gaslight of old. It produces an ambient light that generously illuminates the surrounding area and automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

Bulbs last a year or more and can be easily changed. Refurbishing includes sanding, stripping (in most cases), new double-strength glass, several coats of rust resistant paint, a six year supply of frosted bulbs, and a 10 year warranty. Take a look at our customer comments and read what customers think about their refurbished lights.

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